A floor plan is an important tool and heart of constructional designs. From the type of house, size of the house, area, structure and each and every location can be predicted through a floor plan. Floor plans are the 2-dimensional maps that give a view of the whole house at a glance. Making a floor plan that perfectly fits in your needs can be a confusing task. From a builder to architects everyone uses a floor plan. In simple words, we can say that it is a drawing which reveals the design of the house.

Floor plans can be confusing so here are a few points that will help you to read a floor plan. For a start, look at the whole plan. And especially for new condo, there is a need to address several points in order to make a sound decision.


The Entrance should be awesome so that when the guests enter your house, they go mesmerized. There should be a good transition from the outside to inside views. The Entrance should be appealing so that you yourself get orientated.

Doors and Windows

Doors are the main unit of a floor plan. Once you find the main door you can visualize the whole plane in a better way. In a floor plan, quarter- circle is the symbol for the main door and all the doors inside the house. It’s necessary to check the direction of the door because then space has to be left empty for the door to open.

Windows are a source of natural light, for those who love sunlight and nature windows are the must. Most homeowners want ventilation in their house so windows are an important part of the floor plan.


Most homeowners want walls which can be safely removed. Structural walls bear the weight of the whole building and cannot be removed whereas non-structural walls can be easily removed and can be partitioned from one room to another. To recognize which walls are in your floor plans, structural walls are represented by bold lines and non-structural walls are represented by thin lines.

Special focus on the living room

The whole family spends time together in the living area so your living area needs to be the best with all the features. One conducts all the living functions in the living area because the living area is the family entertainment place, eating and chatting session.

Check the room dimensions

Design the layout according to your needs. Furnish your house in your mind. Check dimensions to fit the couch, Television, dining room and everything else. Check that your master bedroom allows the side table, dressing table, and other stuff.

Back areas

Also visualize the back areas like a garden, balcony, garage, and laundry room. Design according to your needs and the comfort level.

Floor Layout

It is very important to check that how different areas of the house are brought out. Look at the entire floor layout and imagine you standing and visualizing. Also look at the corridors, because some people like to link bedrooms and living area with the corridors.


Gather only those floor plans that fit all your needs. A basic floor plan is the one who provides proper information with good choices. Walk actual models to determine the best option and finalize the deal.